Loss Prevention - Global Support & Training

Norwegian Hull Club believes in the power of knowledge sharing - particularly when it comes to loss prevention and mitigation.

For this reason, the invaluable insight and experience we gain (The Club handled more than 3,300 cases in 2021) are shared with clients through our Preparedness by Awareness sessions. We interact with the client and share our Loss Prevention & Emergency Response experience via (follow these links for further information):

Exercises (bespoke, table top, input response, full scale training)



We hold these sessions inhouse with the client, at hub events, conferences and seminars, as well as online – you choose the method that works best for you.

The aim of these activities is simple: to reduce risk through learning.

However, when the unexpected does happen, The Club also provides real-time global Emergency Response support from its dedicated Situation Centre. Again, knowledge sharing is key: we combine in-house expertise with the latest technology and our network of international strategic partners to provide real-time awareness, support and reassurance to our clients when they need it most.

We provide support that harnesses up-to-the-minute safety and security intelligence, as well as active use of the Situation Center – merging global reality with a wealth of data.

Emergency Response - providing our clients with real-time situational awareness - quickly generated via such channels as AIS-based tracking systems, weather monitoring, satellites and social media monitoring, we offer operational and strategic emergency response advice; Operational Intelligence (OPINTEL); global network/resource overview; Cyber and K&R response (worldwide partners and network).

Risk Awareness - –based on factors such as voyage risk assessment methods and tools; safety intelligence support (ice, windstorms, etc.); security intelligence support (piracy, port risk, cyber etc.)

Data analytics - offering greater insight to clients; active use of the Situation Centre; harnessing and evaluating data in order to provide greater understanding; merging / comparing global reality with internal data.

If you have any risk awareness issues give us a call and, together, we will merge global reality with available data to synthesise the required insight.

  • To find out more, or to discuss training opportunities with your organisation, please get in touch with any member of the Loss Prevention & Emergency Response team via Key Contacts on this page.
  • Norwegian Hull Club's Loss Prevention Committee is committed to the sharing of operational experience in order to safeguard lives, the environment and assets in marine and offshore. Discover more in the article here, or contact lp-er@norclub.com if you have any questions about the committee and its work.