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Loss Prevention - Global Support & Training

In our loss prevention programme, we work closely with our clients to find ways to better safeguard and prevent loss or damage to life, health, environment and assets.

The Club receives and processes around 2,500 claims annually. They provide us with extensive insight into what can go wrong on board vessels and offshore units. However, as we do not run vessels ourselves, such knowledge is of limited value if it is not shared with our clients.

Norwegian Hull Club, therefore, organises various loss prevention activities through which it can share and discuss issues related to preventing losses, and how best to respond when an incident occurs. 

Knowledge sharing

We believe in the power of knowledge sharing. From our dedicated Emergency Response Room in Bergen, Norway, we utilise the latest technology and combine it with know-how and experience from both our in-house experts and external strategic partners. Therefore, when an incident does occur, The Club possesses both the expertise and the tools to provide invaluable support.

The Club is dedicated to listening to its clients, hearing about their experiences and - through this international network founded upon long-term relationships - establishing lines of communication that aid experience transfer.

Our well-respected Loss Prevention Committee, meanwhile, gathers a broad spectrum of industry and relevant non-industry specialists, clients and members who are united in the aim of improving best practice through knowledge sharing.


Such real-time situational awareness capability - quickly generated via such channels as AIS-based tracking systems, weather monitoring, satellites and social media monitoring - helps us ensure that our clients are ​better informed in order to make crucial, early decisions.

In case of an incident, Norwegian Hull Club will focus on

  • Establishing communication lines with the client and - if required - global support resources
  • Minimising potential loss of life, injury, pollution and damage to the environment, damage to the vessel, her cargo and other property
  • Legal aspects including - but not limited to - collision liability, salvage, fires, general average, potential actions against third parties, etc.
  • Providing the client with a current situational awareness package to best enable informed and timely decision making
  • Utilising our worldwide network of correspondents, qualified surveyors, legal representatives and other experts
  • Remote Survey or Survey Without Attendance available
  • Having the necessary experts on site as soon as possible
  • Helping our members and clients to manage a crisis - not just react to it

We are also frequently called upon to provide operational advice on such challenges as heavy weather, ice / Arctic conditions, war / piracy, cyber, passage planning and special risks.

Training - our approach

Preparedness by Awareness Presentations



Training Programme 2021 - special focus areas for the year

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, The Club will continue to provide its training via digital Microsoft Teams and Zoom for 2021. Details of topics and approaches are provided below. Please call or drop us an email at lp-er@norclub.com if you'd like to find out more about our programme, or to book training.

Preparedness by Awareness presentations / workshops
- Based upon Norwegian Hull Club's handling of some 2,500 cases annually. Typically 60-90min presentations which are useful and beneficial for both shore and seagoing staff. Topics covered include:

  • ECDIS case studies - Lessons learned from ECDIS supported groundings.
  • On-board crisis management - The golden hour. Based on a collision scenario discussion on actions to be taken from incident to normalization.
  • On-board leadership, communication & human relations - 'A happy ship is a safer ship'. Based on real cases and examples the session focus on the importance of good leadership, communication, human relation and teamwork.
  • Human behaviour in a crisis - Based on a grounding scenario and examples from real life we discuss how all humans react and behave differently in crisis situations. We also examine how stress and anxiety often have a negative impact on the crisis response. This training focuses on how mental preparedness, good leadership, human relations and teamwork will reduce the reactions and prepare us for the worst.
  • Salvage 2021 - Knowledge sharing between The Club and attendees on experience and lessons learnt from various complex salvage scenarios. Particularly beneficial for Legal/Insurance and Technical/Operations departments. Topics include:
    The changing global salvage segment; Waste management challenges; Funding mechanisms under a salvage contract and their impact; Effect of Covid-19 on salvage operations; Salvage under Law in rivers and ports - can it be controlled? The Club's structured MOUs with salvage companies - how do they benefit clients?
  • Introduction to voyage risk assessment
  • Use of pro-active method in crisis management
  • Norwegian Hull Club emergency response, service & support
  • Marine Insurance Course for Superintendents / workshops - Interactive sessions following the claims process, from incident via notification to payment of claims. Tailored towards superintendents but everyone involved in a claims process will benefit.
The claims process from Notification to Payment
  • Technical sessions - These insightful sessions with members of Norwegian Hull Club's Claims Department's Technical Team will examine a number of current industry topics, challenges and developments including Low Sulphur Fuel; Fire: low pressure systems; Remote Survey
  • Marine Benefits Re:fresh - Re:fresh is dynamic management tool that is conceptualizing health and wellbeing on a group level. It is the most comprehensive global maritime health and wellness tracker available and is based on 16 of the most used medical models within physical, psychological, social and spiritual domains.

Tabletop exercises -
Some of these will be conducted in cooperation with our strategic partner Crisis 24, with the following new scenarios available for 2021:

Exercise Scenarios Available

Our Tabletop Exercises can be used to assess your organisation's Emergency Response Procedure (ERP), procedures and policies in an informal, low-stress setting. They typically involve key personnel discussing simulated emergency scenarios with a focus on roles, responsibilities and duties. This provides an invaluable opportunity to review and discuss the actions to be taken in an emergency incident, including such elements as media and next-of-kin response.

Norwegian Hull Club's Tabletop Exercises meet ISM code art.8 training requirements. Duration is typically two hours and training certificates and documentation will be provided for your records.