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Our aim is to secure lives, health, environment and property.

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Weather Warnings

Norwegian Hull Club monitors weather systems that can develop into hurricanes, typhoons or tropical storms. This map shows the latest weather data available from

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Latest news

Awareness: Gulf of Oman

Norwegian Hull Club is closely monitoring the situation in the Gulf of Oman. We advise all seafarers in the area to exercise extreme caution. At this moment, Norwegian Hull Club has not published detailed guidelines for the area but is continuing to gather information.

By Emil Weatherhead Breistein

Looking for a new job?

Norwegian Hull Club currently has three vacancies open for student internships, one post within the Underwriting Department based in Bergen and two posts in the Claims Department, (Bergen and Oslo). Do you want to join t...

2018 mutual return premium

As stated in Norwegian Hull Club's 2018 Annual Report, the Board of Directors proposed to pay 7.5 % of mutual premium earned in 2018 to the members of Norwegian Hull Club as return premium.

Art Wager

Awareness: The Lower Mississippi River - update

Following our previous awareness newsletter issued on March 1 2019, Norwegian Hull Club has continued to monitor the Lower Mississippi River conditions. We have recently been advised that flood-stage conditions are likel...

Awareness: Cyber security while travelling

The vulnerability of business travellers to cyber-attack was among topics discussed at Norwegian Hull Club’s 11th Loss Prevention Committee (LPC) meeting recently (February 5 and 6, 2019).

Art Wager

Awareness: The Lower Mississippi River

Norwegian Hull Club is informing its valued clients of its capacity and readiness to offer assistance – in the run up to Mardi Gras weekend and beyond - with regard to the present “extreme river” status of the Lower Miss...