An image showing communication between Librestream app on a mobile, a remote surveyor, and Norwegian Hull Club

Remote Survey from Norwegian Hull Club

Norwegian Hull Club's Remote Survey service enables a surveyor - no matter their location - to examine damage to a vessel or unit via a nominated person on site.

On this page and via the Advice menu below you'll find:

  • An overview of our Remote Survey service
  • Descriptions of roles and responsibilities
  • What to do in the event of a claim
  • Guidance regarding use of the Remote Survey App – Onsight Connect
  • Remote Survey Benefits Matrix

What is a Remote Survey?

A Remote Survey enables a surveyor to examine damage to a vessel or unit through secure, online streaming either by WiFi or cellular coverage. In cases where connectivity is lost or unobtainable, the survey can still be conducted in an off-line mode, with images / video etc. shared with the Surveyor later on.

The Surveyor can assess the situation onsite from any required angle, thereby obtaining an objective view of the damage / surrounding area etc. required for survey reporting.

Norwegian Hull Club is using the Onsight Connect tool by Librestream for its Remote Survey service.

Key Benefits

The Club has identified a number of key benefits that Remote Survey provides, including:

  • Access to the damage at an early stage
  • Efficiency (time and cost)
  • Increased frequency of 'attendance'
  • Sustainability
  • Improved information sharing / interaction
  • Improved accessibility to expertise

Specific benefits for various stakeholders can be found in the Remote Survey Benefits Matrix

You can also learn more about the advantages of Remote Survey in our article: "Technology enables surveys during COVID-19 pandemic, promises benefits beyond".

Questions? Feedback?

  • If you have any specific questions regarding Remote Survey, please contact Head of Technical Department Steinar Sivertsen at or Senior Surveyor Ivo Legein at

  • Case-specific queries should be directed to either the Claims Handler.

  • As The Club’s focus is always on the satisfaction of its clients and the sharing of knowledge and experience, your feedback on Remote Surveys is valuable. This can be sent to your Claims Handler (if appropriate) or