Claims Support

The main aim of Norwegian Hull Club’s Claims Department is to handle critical situations and claims in ​the most professional way possible.

In keeping with its extensive service concept and dedication to the Proactive Method - the formal system we use to handle claims situations - Norwegian Hull Club strives to turn risk into added value for its clients.​

​When acting as claims lead - and we aim to be the preferred claims lead in the market - The Club is committed to excellence in service and swift settlements. It is the desire of Norwegian Hull Club that its contingency support capabilities are ranked as the very best available. ​

'Strategic partner'
We want The Club to be considered a strategic partner by our clients so that, in case of a claim, they are already familiar with our highly experienced claims experts. The benefits of long-term, valued relationships are clear to both The Club and our clients, who appreciate the advantages of having one familiar point of contact with direct, easy access.

Such factors help Norwegian Hull Club to provide superlative levels of support, from notification to payment.

The Club constantly strives to ensure - through proactive, innovative approaches and the harnessing of technology (such as Remote Survey) - that its Claims services are considered 'world class'.

Our approach

  • Your strategic partner
  • One point of contact
  • Experience based upon approx. 3,000-plus claims a year
  • Experienced claims capacity: approximately 45 claims handlers
  • Solid contingency support
  • A smoother, swifter voyage "from notification to payment"
    • 180-days settlement target
    • Expert support throughout
  • Integrated technical support
    • Specification & Tendering for complex damages
    • Ensuring a global network of qualified surveyors
  • Integrated Loss Prevention & Emergency Response operations