Per Gustav Blom
Striving to find the best solutions... is what 'Expect More' means to me
Per GustavBlom

Per Gustav joined Norwegian Hull Club in 1996 and has been Chief Financial Officer since 2001. Prior to joining The Club, Per Gustav was CFO of Smedvig Tankships Limited and worked in the shipping department of DNB – Norway’s largest bank and one of the world’s leading shipping banks.

With a Master’s in Business from the Norwegian School of Economics, Per Gustav possesses great insight with regard to the strategic planning and execution of Norwegian Hull Club’s operations. He also has experience as a board member of several external companies, including insurance, investment management and real estate businesses.

He says: "Striving to find the best solutions, to the benefit of clients, employees, The Club and other stakeholders, is what “Expect more” means to me."

Per Gustav Blom
Per GustavBlomChief Financial OfficerBergen