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"Survey" brings more efficient claims handling process closer for The Club and its clients

InsightsJune 29, 2021

Technology and its development form a key part of Norwegian Hull Club’s strategy – both in terms of delivering better solutions and services to our clients, as well as advancing the way we do business.

In keeping with this approach, The Club is utilizing a new digital solution that represents a significant step in its ongoing digital journey – Survey.

Norwegian Hull Club has a network of trusted surveyors across the globe that supports The Club and its clients by providing unbiased assessments of damages when there is a claim. Survey is a digital tool that enables surveyors to write and issue better-structured survey reports more efficiently. In addition to ease of use, key features of the system also include higher levels of transparency and enhanced collaboration.

While Survey is primarily a tool for high-quality survey reporting, it will also improve collaboration in the working processes between Norwegian Hull Club and its surveyor network. Over time, clients and brokers will experience the benefits of more standardized working and reporting processes, regardless of which surveyor is involved.

Experience meets smart digital solutions

Survey is a product within a new digital platform in development that aims to make the marine insurance process easier, more efficient and effective for all marine insurance professionals. New products and services, which leverage on nearly 200 years of Norwegian Hull Club experience, will be integrated into the platform as they are created.

Norwegian Hull Club has constantly striven to ensure that - through proactive, innovative approaches and the harnessing of technology (such as Remote Survey) - its services are considered as the very best available. Survey and the forthcoming Claims Statement build upon this approach and will better enable The Club to achieve its claim settlement target of 180 days. Claim Statement will be a portal that handles Owners’ insurance claims with enhanced collaboration between the Assured and Norwegian Hull Club. To develop a portal opitmized for such a task, Norwegian Hull Club will require input from a number of its valued clients.

Among other solutions currently under development is War Web, a portal through which brokers and direct clients can handle the coverage of trading breaches under their war policies, as well as access up-to-date terms and conditions for any excluded area, at any time, for all vessels in a fleet.

‘A higher standard’
While some additional Insify solutions are being primarily developed for The Club’s internal use at this point, they will nevertheless contribute significantly to achieving the company’s overall aim of delivering a higher standard of service to clients and other business partners.

Hans Christian Seim, Norwegian Hull Club’s CEO, said: “Survey is an important step in The Club’s digital journey - a journey that we’ve been laying the foundations for by continuously developing the marine insurance system INS+ for almost 30 years.

“By developing the platform, our subsidiary Instech is building the technological solutions of tomorrow upon this well-established, solid foundation. Instech does this in close cooperation with Norwegian Hull Club, which possesses the market and process knowledge and experience needed to tailor these portals to our specialized industry. In this process, collaboration and dialogue with The Club’s global network of surveyors, as well as brokers and valued clients, has been - and will continue to be - invaluable.”

‘Best possible services’
Mr Seim added: “Working in such a manner will help keep Norwegian Hull Club at the forefront of digital marine and energy insurance solution development – a key part of our strategy – ensuring that our clients benefit from the best possible services and analytics.”

Facts about "Survey"
Survey is a collaboration portal for survey reporting and will be the primary reporting tool for surveys conducted on behalf of Norwegian Hull Club.

The portal provides secure on-line access for entering data and information required for high-quality survey reporting. Survey is designed to enable efficient reporting and claims handling by structuring the input data and ensuring the content and the flow of information.

Surveyors in Norwegian Hull Club’s network, Owners and brokers are more than welcome to contact Steinar Sivertsen or Even Førrisdal to learn more about Survey. More information is also available about the platform on Instech's website here.