Claims Handlers at Norwegian Hull Club

New digital Claim Statement promises to be ‘beneficial for all’

InsightsAugust 17, 2023

Norwegian Hull Club’s digital journey is well established, with the destination being the ‘next level’ of first-class marine and offshore energy insurance service.

As such, The Club is pleased to announce the launch of its latest digital product which reinforces its service concept while further enabling its Claims Department to handle the claims process in the most professional and efficient way possible: Claim Statement.

Claim Statement strengthens Norwegian Hull Club’s ‘Expect more’ approach to its valued clients by providing even greater transparency, security, efficiency and collaboration – as well as clear visualization of status- throughout the process of handling an owner’s claim.

This new product joins The Club’s existing digital initiatives Survey Platform, Remote Survey and War Web. War Web and Claim Statement are both available for use by registered clients and brokers via The Club’s login page at, while Survey is also there for surveyors in The Club’s network.

Aage Solberg, Chief Claims Officer at Norwegian Hull Club, said: “Our vision is to improve the claims process, from notification to payment. With Claim Statement, efficiency and transparency are significantly improved thanks to an always-up-to-date status of a claim, complete with surveyor and adjuster comments.

“Registered users can log-in anytime and see all invoices and corresponding considerations in a clear, easy-to-digest format. After Owners have uploaded their invoices and submitted their claim, the Claims Handler can then share these with the Surveyor for their technical considerations. Then, the Adjuster will provide their considerations according to terms and conditions. All of this is on the same invoice, on the same platform, leading up to the issuance of the Adjustment of the Claim.

“I’m proud that Norwegian Hull Club now has a platform specifically developed to enable us as a team - together with our Clients, Brokers and the Assigned Surveyor - to simplify the claims process and further reduce the handling time of owners’ claims, from notification to payment.

“Ultimately, this will result in swifter payments on account and final settlements of claims which are led by The Club.”


Claim Statement has been made possible due to the invaluable contributions made by The Club’s clients and brokers, very much in line with its core value of ‘sharing’, especially when it comes to knowledge.

Aage said: “During the development process, knowledge-sharing has been crucial, particularly when it comes to listening to our Clients and Brokers. They helped create this innovative solution by deepening our understanding of their working day when filing a claim: their needs, their challenges, what works and what doesn’t.

“With the insight gained, we have developed a product that will be beneficial for all, delivering an even easier, smoother process and swifter finalisation of claims.”

Clients or brokers interested in using Claim Statement should contact their appointed Norwegian Hull Club Claims Handler. Media inquiries should, in the first instance, be directed to The Club’s Communications Director Hildegunn Nilssen at