Offshore Energy

Experience in marine insurance – since the beginning of the Norwegian oil and gas adventure.

From the first Norwegian semi-submersible drilling units in the North Sea in the 1970s to the FPSOs of the 80s and until today, Norwegian Hull Club has continuously offered insurance solutions to the contractor segment. Today the Club ranks amongst the leading underwriters for international contractors of mobile offshore units, and insures more than 650 units worldwide.


We offer a broad range of products, including:

Physical loss/damages to MOUs during operation:

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Total Loss 
  • Loss of Hire
  • Contract cancellation
  • Contingent contractor's extra expenses (as part of a MOU insurance package)
  • Limited excess liabilities (as part of a MOU insurance package)
  • War

Physical loss/damages to MOUs during construction and conversion:

  • CAR of new buildings
  • CAR during conversions and modifications
  • Installation, hook-up & commissioning
  • Non-delivery & delivery delay

Norwegian Hull Club plays an active role in the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan revision committee, and offers insurance coverage for MOUs based on standard international conditions.

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