Offshore Energy

An oil rig

Experience in marine insurance – since the beginning of the Norwegian oil and gas adventure.

From the first Norwegian semi-submersible drilling units in the North Sea in the 1970s, to the FPSOs of the ‘80s and today, Norwegian Hull Club has continuously offered insurance solutions to the contractor segment. In more recent years, we’ve also provided them to the operator segment.

With the challenges of tomorrow on the horizon, The Club remains committed to developing services and products for its valued oil and gas clients. This will be done in line with our belief in reducing negative impact on people and the environment – something that can be done through sharing knowledge and accumulating experience, as well as by providing hands-on contingency response and claims-handling support. Sustainability forms part of our strategy and core business, expressed through The Club's mission ‘to secure people, health, environment and property’.

We have a mutual interest with our clients in reducing the likelihood of unwanted incidents and, as such, we value preventative and mitigating measures, embodied in our proactive approach. When such incidents do occur, we utilise our expertise, experience and global network to minimise negative consequences.

Given the global importance of creating sustainable technology and solutions for oil and gas production, Norwegian Hull Club offers insurance solutions that better enable its clients within this segment to develop such necessary advances.

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