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The Club publishes 2019 Annual & Sustainability Report

InsightsApril 15, 2020

In its Annual Report for 2019, Norwegian Hull Club has included its first Sustainability Report.

Sustainability is incorporated in Norwegian Hull Club’s strategy and core business, expressed through The Club’s mission “to secure people, health, environment and property”.

By preparing and issuing this report, The Club manifests its wish to be a sustainable, open and transparent industry player, as well as a long-term partner that clients can “Expect more” from.

The process of developing the Sustainability Report has reconfirmed the importance of The Club’s foundation and business model in contributing to a more sustainable future for all. It has also encouraged valuable reflection on how the company can improve through increased focus on sustainability in all business activities. You will find the sustainability section from page 50 onwards in the Annual Report which contains - as usual - the CEO Review, the Board of Directors' Report and key figures for the year.

You can read the full report for 2019 by clicking Annual and Sustainability Report 2019.