Owners Statement of Claim

A product developed by NHC to assist superintendents in presenting claims.

It is not possible to complete and finalize a claim until Owners have presented their final claim under the policy following an incident. Some Owners do not have an in-house procedure in how to present their claims. We have experienced that in most of our claims it is the Superintendent's obligation also to present Owner's claim. This might be the superintendents first involvement in handling a claim under a H&M policy. In what form is the claim to be presented? What is actually recoverable under the insurance conditions? These are questions we often receive. We also see that after the completion of repairs the focus on the claim decreases and due to other commitments a delay of the presentation of the claim can occur making, the task of completing the claim later more difficult.

Based on our experience Norwegian Hull Club has developed a new service; "Owners statement of Claim" in order to assist superintendents in presenting claims. This excel sheet contains claims procedures, contact details to your claims handler, checklist for claimable items and a structured system for presenting the claim.

Upon notification of a new claim NHC will forward this document to the superintendent and explain the use of same. When the superintendent approves invoices he must produce a copy for the hard copy of the claim as well as include the invoice in the excel sheet. If used correctly the Owner's claim under the policy will be completed when the last invoice related to the claim is paid. We have often seen that the handling time of a claim has been reduced by more than one year for those Members that have implemented this system. 

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