Marine Insurance Course for Superintendents

Norwegian Hull Club offers courses for superintendents with little or limited experience in handling claim.

We have seen changes in the shipowner's organizations during the last 10-20 years. Today's superintendents have a significant role in handling H&M and LOH claims under their policies from notification to payment. This might be the superintendent's first experience in handling a claim or at least he might have limited experience. His role might be unclear due to lack of internal procedures and consequently he is not comfortable with how to approach an incident affecting the Owner's policies.

Norwegian Hull Club has acknowledged this challenge and we have produced a Marine Insurance Course for Superintendents or other personnel being involved in the handling of a claim. Duration of this interactive workshop would usually be from 2 - 4 hrs and is conducted at the shipowner's location.

The objective of this course / workshop is add to the superintendents' existing knowledge together with improving the handling of marine insurance claims under the Owner's insurance policies.

A typical agenda: 

Lessons learned from major casualties handled by NHC
Various types of insurance / Owners insurances
The difference between H&M and P&I
The claims process - Superintendent's role from notification to payment under the policy
Claims procedures / the NMIP 
At the time of the incident / notification 
After the incident / prior to repairs 
During repairs / at the yard 
After repairs / preparation of claim 
Final adjustment and collecting

All services are subject to availability.