Kidnap and Ransom (K&R)

World-wide protection and security for your most valuable resource.

In addition to compensating for financial loss, K&R insurance offers professional security and crisis management for sea- and land-based employees in co-operation with highly experienced and specialized crisis and marine consultants.

It not only covers shipping company employees, but also their relatives, partners, children, guests, visitors and domestic servants; as well as any other individuals for whom coverage is agreed, such as riding gangs, repair gangs, supercargoes and supernumeraries.

Written in conjunction with War.

Safety and Crisis Management

Our crisis managers and staff work closely with the Assured's crisis team, to generate tailored strategies to negotiate with kidnappers, deliver the ransom and provide humanitarian emergency aid.

Our crisis managers are available 24/7, offering around the clock support in the event of an incident.

Cost Coverage for Crisis Prevention and Crisis Management

Norwegian Hull Club’s K&R insurance is written in co-operation with Hansekuranz Kontor, a specialist underwriting agent. It provides peace of mind and covers the cost of crisis management, both preventive and in the event of an incident. A kidnapping or extortion – whether sea- or land-based – imposes a significant financial burden on a company, with the ransom frequently representing only a small fraction of the total costs.

K&R insurance covers the entirety of costs associated with such a crisis, such as: reimbursement of ransom; charges and expenses for negotiators; fees for interpreters and PR consultants; travel expenses; cost of medical and psychological treatment; continued pay for the victim; financial payments for the consequences resulting from an accident or in the event of death; bunker costs; port dues; cost of technical equipment; salaries for replacement crew; evacuation costs; and loss of hire.