Special Risks

Norwegian Hull Club strives to meet clients’ and members’ needs for tailored coverage, and has developed its product portfolio through close collaboration with owners and their brokers.

Cancellation of Contract

Most Owners insure their vessels, but leave contracts uninsured. This product addresses the latter.

Norwegian Hull club

Cyber – Clause 380 buy-back

Marine insurance policy wordings ordinarily include the “Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause” [10/11/2003], commonly known and referred to as “Cl.380”:

Marine Cyber Threat and Extortion

Cyber-crime is a real and present threat in the digital age. Shipping companies are not immune as the maritime sector faces a multitude of emerging and present cyber extortion threats. The increasing trend of networking ...

Drug Seizure – Loss of Hire

The Drug Seizure cover provided by Norwegian Hull Club covers loss of income and costs connected to any investigation if the vessel is either detained due to actual discovery, or even suspicion of drugs, on board.

Extended General Average Absorption

Extended GA Absorption insurance is designed to minimize delays and avert strains on commercial relationships by avoiding the time consuming and expensive processes of collecting GA bonds and guarantees from cargo owners...

Manifest Error

In response to a growing need to address the financial risk of exposure to manifest errors in foreign proceedings, Norwegian Hull Club has developed a market first - Manifest Error insurance.

Trade Disruption

Trade Disruption insurance (TDI) is designed to protect a vessel’s earnings against events affecting the entire supply chain.