Additional Covers

Norwegian Hull Club provides flexible additional covers catering for an extensive range of needs and risk types. Below you will find a list of some of the additional covers we provide - however, please contact your dedicated underwriter to discuss your specific needs further.

Bunkers Insurance
Bunkers Extraordinary Expense Insurance
Cargo Owners Legal Liability (COLL)
Shipowners' Liability Insurance (SOL):

Delivery of cargo without production of Bill of Lading
Delivery of cargo to a person not named in such Bill of Lading
Failure to discharge all cargo on board
Carriage of Cargo on terms less favourable than the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules
Failure to arrive or late arrival of the vessel at the port of loading or failure to load cargo
Geographical Deviation of the vessel from the contractual voyage
Cargo being carried on vessels other than that named in the Bill of Lading Cargo, including mail and/or merchandise, being stowed in spaces not certified for the carriage of cargo
Cargo remaining on board the vessel during dry-docking
Cargo being transferred from one point to another by water and/or rail and/or motor trucks and/or other conveyances
Cargo being transhipped to any port or ports, place or places (including both under-carriage and over carriage of cargo) instead of being carried on board the original vessel to the destination stated in the Bill of Lading
Cargo being discharged onto lighters at any port or place prior to the surrender of Bills of Lading by the consignees or their representatives
Cargo being lightered to other than the scheduled loading or unloading berth Cargo
Cargo being stored on lighters before loading or unloading berth
Cargo being stored on lighters before loading or after discharging from the vessels
The Assured’s liability to and in respect of cargo being loaded and/or discharged in a port different from that stated in the Bill of Lading

The  SOL is further extended to include:
Liability arising out of the issuing of ante and/or post-dated Bills of Lading
Cargo loaded on deck with under deck Bills of Lading being issued
Liability arising out of the issuance of the Assured’s Bill of Lading against Carrier’s Bill of Lading
Issuance of clean Bill of Lading when mate’s receipts were claused

Drug Seizure
Extended Contractual Liability (ECL)
Protective Co-insurance
Slot and Space Charter
Transhipment / On-carriage
Through Transport Liability
Container Hull Insurance
Container Third Party Insurance
Freight Insurance
Storage of Cargo (Warehouse risk)

Norwegian Hull Club – the Preferred Underwriter

When placing insurance with Norwegian Hull Club, an Assured has access to claims handling experience, service levels and competence of the highest quality. We handle claims and critical situations in the most professional way. We prioritize and make claims settlements quicker than the industry average, through practical, solution driven claims handling and involvement from notification to final payment. We encourage teamwork together with the Assured and the broker.

Our world-leading contingency support and operational intelligence services are developed from handling 2.000 claims every year. We organize a wide variety of loss prevention activities for both ship and shore based staff, sharing experience from actual incidents, aimed at improving industry best practice.