Marine Benefits

Marine Benefits AS prides itself on being the shipping industry's specialist in employment benefit solutions for seafarers.

Marine Benefits is a company going the extra mile in order to provide innovative crew insurance solutions for the maritime industry. We strive to develop the best risk management tools required to increase attraction and retention of crew in a truly global and cost efficient manner. Marine Benefits also prides itself as a compliance provider under the Maritime Labour Convention, the Amended Migrant Workers Act and the Data Protection Act. We are manning the future through innovative insurance solutions.

Medical Plan

Marine Benefits AS prides itself on being the shipping industry’s specialist in employment benefit solutions for seafarers to increase employee attraction and retention whilst providing peace of mind for the employer, employee and his/her family.

The programmes cover the employee during vacation periods and the family all year around, providing service, claims handling and day-to-day member support in coordination with globally affiliated medical provider networks and call centres 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Crew P&I

In response to demand from the international shipping community and due to the proven cost efficiency of the Medical Plan, we extended our business platform to include standalone Crew P&I. The combination of the cost efficient claims handling from the Marine Benefits global medical platform, together with the proactive contingency qualities of Norwegian Hull Club, creates an interesting and relevant Crew P&I alternative for ship owners and managers.

The combination of the two products has proven to be the most optimal solution for the proactive client. Loss prevention on medical claims at sea through access to high quality medical facilities at home, as well as relevant statistics for the health condition and lifestyle of the crew, are contributing significantly in reducing medical related costs for our clients.

Our programmes also assist ship owners and ship management companies fulfil the crew insurance requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006.