Norwegian Hull Club Annual Report 2017

Norwegian Hull Club's dedication to innovation and its quest to further understand clients' needs helped its market share continue to grow last year, company CEO Hans Christian Seim says in the Annual Report 2017.

Mr Seim states in his CEO Review: "Although we have been providing services and expertise to our members for 180 years, resting on our laurels has never been an option. We have never carried out so many market activities and launched so many new products as in 2017.”


Norwegian Hull club is a mutual marine insurance company, head-quartered in Bergen, Norway. With additional offices in Oslo, Kristiansand and London , the company serves members and clients worldwide. It is one of the world’s largest pure marine insurers.

In his summary of the business year, Mr Seim emphasises the importance of employee knowledge, experience and dedication as part of The Club's drive for innovation. When combined with superior relationships with clients and brokers, these elements 'enable us to develop concepts that respond to their needs by offering relevant insurance policies, exercises, emergency response and claims-handling services'. He highlights the company's cyber-risk approach as being a prime example of the manner in which Norwegian Hull Club continues to take the position of a global leader in the marine insurance market.

 Mr Seim says: “Cyber-risk awareness increased exponentially following several large marine events in 2017. We were one of the first marine insurers to respond, offering cyber buy-back and cyber-extortion policies, exercises and a claims response to the market, after preparing and building cyber-risk competence internally over a longer period of time.”

 Financially strong

He concludes by stressing the importance of Norwegian Hull Club's commitment to its members and clients - 'Expect More ' - and how this approach will reinforce the company's reputation as 'a financially strong partner with a long-term relationship view and innovative solutions'.  

Read the full CEO Review, the Board of Directors' Report and key figures for the year in the Norwegian Hull Club Annual Report 2017.

12. Apr. 2018