IOTroop / Reaper Botnet Awareness

Reaper (or IOTroop) is the latest Internet of Things (IoT) botnet that has spread at an unprecedented rate, exceeding the reach of the 2016 Mirai botnet. As of 26 October 2017, over one million wireless network devices have been infected.

The malware, which was first discovered in September 2017, exploits vulnerabilities in wireless devices that use an Internet Protocol (IP) address such as security cameras and internet routers.

NYA is Norwegian Hull Club's partner in Cyber cases and they are strengthening our ability to provide Cyber Awareness to our Clause 380 Buyback and Cyber Threat and Extortion Clients. On behalf of Norwegian Hull Club, they have prepared this status report, in which you will find means to check if your own Internet of Things (IoT) might be affected and suggestions on how to proactively mitigate the evolving attack.

Read their IOTroop / Reaper Botnet report

26. Oct. 2017