Awareness: Gulf of Oman

Norwegian Hull Club is closely monitoring the situation in the Gulf of Oman. We advise all seafarers in the area to exercise extreme caution. At this moment, Norwegian Hull Club has not published detailed guidelines for the area but is continuing to gather information.

We encourage Owners to keep abreast of any pertinent advice circulated by their respective flag states and relevant maritime authorities.

Norwegian Hull Club notes that the Norwegian Maritime Authority has stated that, due to the attacks and the as-yet-unconfirmed circumstances, it has instructed CSO, SSO and Masters on board Norwegian-flagged vessels to keep clear of all Iranian territorial waters. It has also instructed the implementation of security measures as described in the SSP according to ISPS/MarSec level #2. Norwegian Hull Club believes such an elevated state of security level to be wise.

Norwegian Hull Club mobilised its contingency team this morning and is ready to assist its clients and members should any new situation arise. Salvors and other resources are also on alert and ready to act at short notice if required.  

As the situation in the area could change without warning, Norwegian Hull Club urges owners and crews to remain vigilant and monitor all developments closely.

13. Jun. 2019