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Can a landlubber say something about life at sea?

We asked more than 1000 sailors about their job motivation, not as directly as I asked you above, but by using a questionnaire measuring Psychological Capital (which really is just a more fancy word f...

By Emil Weatherhead Breistein

Looking for a rewarding career?

We are looking for service-minded, positive and reliable individuals to fill these roles.Full details of the vacancies, including essential and desirable criteria, can be found here.  What's in it f...

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The Visionary Man

... instead of believing that with greater globalisation will work to their benefit, they are afraid of losing jobs to China and India, and not to their own countries. They are retreating from global lea...

In twenty years I think it will be very clear that the Asian century will be well underway.
– Kishore Mahbubani