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Awareness: Atlantic Outlook - Early July 2019 Update

"In May this year, forecasting centres were reporting a normal-to-slightly-below-normal Atlantic hurricane season. This was largely due to the establishment of an El-Niño, which tends to dampen Atlan...

Assistant Director of our Client Services division, Stein Are Hansen,  <br />
has his background from the Royal Navy Meteorological School in Plymouth as a trained Observation Forecaster.

Looking Out for You

During the summer season, there is extensive high-pressure activity in the Gulf of Mexico. Similar activity is found in Asia more or less through the year. Similar activity is found in Asia more or...

We are glad to be able to advise ship owners and captains in such situations.
–Stein Are Hansen

Norwegian Hull Club with strengthened capital base after 9 months

As a consequence of the third quarter natural catastrophes, the robustness of the Club’s business model has been tested and verified. The third quarter losses relate largely to the Hurricane Irma, a...

Weather warning

Norwegian Hull Club monitors weather systems that can develop into hurricanes, typhoons or tropical storms. Above you can see the latest weather systems (if no symbols are displayed there are no active systems). If you have any further questions or need guidance in interpreting the different web pages, please contact

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Weather Warnings

Norwegian Hull Club monitors weather systems that can develop into hurricanes, typhoons or tropical storms. This map shows the latest weather data available from If you would like to sign up for our Info Bulletins on this subject, please send an e-mail to

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Hurricanes & Typhoons

The following chart shows current storm centres (limited to Atlantic hurricanes and Pacific typhoons). By clicking on the storm you will be taken to Tropical Storm Risk for more details. 

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