Preface by the publisher

The Nordic Plan is a mutually agreed set of conditions with regular updates to match the insurance needs in the market. Hence, it is with pride that a third edition of this handbook is published, hopefully assisting the reader searching for answers to what is a complex product.

Loss of Hire Insurance has maintained its relative importance to the Club’s insurance portfolio despite our diversification strategy, and we are considered as one of the global Leaders within this area.

Haakon Stang Lund is still to be seen as the "father" of the Handbook, and maybe even more so, the Nordic Plan. He has actively participated in the work of the revision committee drawing up the amendments, including Chapter 18 of the Plan.

We are most grateful to him that he was willing to take up the task of up-dating this book, which proved more time consuming than originally anticipated, so some long hours have been spent not only on weekdays, but also on weekends and during the Easter holidays.

Haakon retired this year, and we wish him all the best in taking on new tasks and challenges. However, he has left his legacy for the future, both in the Club and in his work with the Nordic Plan and this book.

Norwegian Hull Club
Hans Christian Seim
Chief Executive Officer