Section 7 Chapter 17

Clause 17-56. Relationship to Chapter 16

The provisions of Chapter 16 apply with the changes prescribed in Cl. 17-57 to Cl. 17-61.


Clause 17-57. Liability of the insurer/applies instead of Clause 16-1

The insurance covers loss due to the vessel being wholly or partially deprived of income on account of damage to the vessel, provided that the damage is recoverable under Chapter 17, Section 2, or would have been recoverable if no deductible had been agreed, see Cl. 12-18. If the hull insurance has been effected on conditions other than those of the Plan, and these conditions have been accepted in writing by the insurer, the rules in Chapter 17, Section 2, shall be replaced by the corresponding conditions of the insurance concerned when assessing whether the damage is recoverable. If the hull insurance provides extended cover under Chapter 17, Section 3, the rules in the first and second sentences shall apply correspondingly in relation to Section 3.


Clause 17-58. Total loss/applies instead of Clause 16-2

The insurer is not liable for loss of time resulting from a casualty that gives the assured the right to compensation for total loss under Chapter 11 with Cl. 11-3, sub-clause 2, amended pursuant to Cl. 17-11 or under the corresponding conditions in the hull insurance that apply to the ship pursuant to Cl. 17-57, second sentence.


Clause 17-59. Calculation of compensation for fishing vessels/Ref. Clause 16-3

The insurance does not cover loss that is due to the vessel being deprived of income from fishing as a result of regulatory measures introduced by the authorities or the fact that the authorities have stopped fishing activities.

Quotas which are not fished in full during the quota year due to damage to the vessel, cf. Cl. 17-57, and which are allowed by the authorities to be transferred to a new quota year, shall be regarded as quotas fished in the original quota year, if the quota is fished in the new quota year. The same applies to quotas transferred by the vessel to other vessels in the quota year.

The claims adjustment shall be issued as soon as possible after the quota year is over, but in cases where quotas are transferred to a new quota year, the claims adjustment shall be issued as soon as possible after the end of the new quota year, cf. Cl. 5-2 and Cl. 5-6.


Clause 17-60. The daily amount for fishing vessels/applies instead of Clause 16-5

The assured's loss of income per day (the daily amount) shall be calculated on the basis of the average income per day from fishing for vessels of the type and size in question and the geographical area in which it is natural for the vessel to deliver fish during the period when the vessel is deprived of income, less such expenses as the assured saves or ought to have saved due to the ship not being regularly operated.


Clause 17-61. Agreed daily amount for fishing vessels/applies instead of Clause 16-6

If it is stated in the insurance contract that a certain amount per day shall be paid in compensation for loss of income, the said amount is the maximum compensation that may be paid out per day under Cl. 17-60 unless it is clearly evident from the contract that the amount is an agreed daily amount.