The Surveyor's Role

Surveyors are usually appointed by NHC based on the notification from the Master through Owners/Shipmanagers. Surveyors can also be appointed directly by the Master from the List of Correspondents, if the urgency of the situation requires it. 

The surveyor has multiple roles. He will assess the extent of the damages and report his findings. He will also follow up on the progress of the repairs. In addition to being NHC’s representative on site, the surveyor is also an asset for the Master. The surveyor can normally assist the Master with knowledge of local repair facilities, port conditions and authorities. It is recommended to note the name of the attending surveyor in the logbook, cf. section on "Collision" below. 

An attending surveyor will request a number of documents for his report.
The most commonly requested documents are:  

  • relevant log book pages for engine and deck 
  • crew list 
  • ship’s particulars
  • class documents concerning the average
  • maintenance reports 
  • service reports

As stated in the section on collisions, it is important to verify the identity of the surveyor and who he is representing prior to granting him access to the vessel. The vessel should normally be informed about his name prior to attendance. 

 Key points to survey:

  • If possible, do not repair damages prior to survey being conducted.
  • Do not discard damaged parts until surveyed.
  • Photos are always useful, especially if damages have to be repaired prior to survey.

Joint survey

When damages relate to third party matters, surveys should preferably be arranged so that representatives from all parties can be present. Make sure you receive instructions from Owners on how a joint survey should be conducted. Opponent surveyors should only be granted access to the physical damages. The circumstances of the damages should not be discussed.