To the H&M / LOH Surveyor

Standard appointment and instructions to surveyor



The formal appointment should come from Norwegian Hull Club through a claims handler. The appointment shall clearly identify the type of survey being requested, the name of the vessel or unit, preferably with its IMO number, its location and as a minimum; a brief description of the damage. The claims handler shall provide the surveyor with relevant information and / or any specific instructions in connection with the assignment and provide contact details of owners' representative and/or the appointed agent at the ships/unit location. The correspondent or the surveyor should confirm the appointment and revert with name and contact details of the attending surveyor. It is important that you as attending Surveyor clearly identifies yourself, on whose behalf you have been appointed and your role when attending on board.

The claims handler will revert with Norwegian Hull Club claims number for the case. This should be used for reference in later correspondence, reporting and invoicing. If your fee scale is not known to Norwegian Hull Club, you should enclose your standard terms and conditions with the confirmation of the appointment.

For further instructions, or if the survey involves collision and/or liability matters, fire or flooding, reference is made to the latest edition of our 'Casualty Response Guide'. The latest edition can be found on our web page.

Reporting format

On our web page you will find templates of The Norwegian Hull Club survey report forms. The surveyor does not have to use this template, but it is important that the report includes the content requested for and as visualized in our templates. The report shall be issued with your own company logo / letterhead.

Feedback to the Claims Handler

The Surveyor may be able to request for relevant documentation prior to attendance. This should be requested through the claims handler. After the survey and when the surveyor has got an overview of the situation, the correspondent / surveyor should revert, preferably through skype / telephone followed by an e-mail giving a brief summary of their considerations and possibly their concerns (focus on cause of damage, cost of damage / duration of repairs). This immediate feedback is particularly important for Loss Of Hire surveys where issues as repair plan, repair place, sourcing of spare parts, need of service technicians and/or specialists, class approval, temporary or alternative repairs etc. should be on the agenda for the surveyor. Feedback from the surveyor should enable the claims handler to consider, discuss and agree upon necessary scope of survey and follow up by the correspondent / surveyor.

Preliminary report

A preliminary report, describing the extent and nature of the incident, preferably with an estimate of repair time / costs, is to be forwarded to the Club as soon as possible and no later than one week after the first day of the survey. The preliminary report may be in e-mail format if this is considered convenient by the claims handler. Several preliminary reports may be issued and named 2, 3 etc. The updated report should preferably only include the new information, or clearly identify updated information if a previous report is amended.

Survey report (formal survey report)

The formal survey report is to be forwarded to the Club when the cause of damage is established by the surveyor, but no later than one month after the last day of attendance and / or completion of repairs. In such cases where the surveyor is waiting for information that is necessary in order to complete the report, a report based on available information is nevertheless to be issued within the said time limit. The missing information should be clearly outlined in the report. The formal survey report shall be signed by the attending surveyor and / or the one issuing the report.

Final survey report

After the owners have presented their claim, we normally will request the surveyor to issue a final survey report. This may be an amended version of the formal survey report, or just an addendum to the formal survey report. The surveyor shall go through and comment on the costs presented by the owner and identify if and to what extent the claimed costs are related to the damage. General expenses shall be specified. On our web page you will find templates of The Norwegian Hull Club final survey report form and a repair cost account form. Many owners prefer to use Norwegian Hull Club Owners Statement Of Claim (OSC) for their claim. This is an excel sheet that is listing all costs relevant for the claim. When owners use OSC, we prefer that the surveyor also uses this format for his cost considerations in the final survey report. Agency cost, port expenses, fuel costs, class expenses, crew costs and owners' superintendent's expenses should not be considered by the surveyor unless specifically requested for by the claims handler. The final survey report should be completed within 4 weeks after the surveyor is in possession of owners' claim and shall be signed by the attending surveyor and / or the one issuing the report.

Reporting & invoicing

The report and relevant attachments should be submitted to us in electronic format only. Should Norwegian Hull Club be in need for more extensive documentation / enclosures, the claims handler / adjuster will specifically request for this.

An invoice for the services with breakdown of costs is to be forwarded together with the survey report. As a minimum, the breakdown should identify invoiced hours (or days) for survey / reporting and for travelling with the corresponding rates, travel expenses and possible office expenses. Similar costs for any use of sub-agents should be included. Part invoicing may be accepted for work that will continue for considerable periods, typical milestones will be preliminary reports and the formal report.

Possible delays or concerns

If you for any reasons foresee that there may be delays in your reporting, you should bring this up with the claims handler. If you as correspondent or appointed surveyor have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the claims handler and discuss the matters. 


Norwegian Hull Club considers a correspondent and / or a surveyor as a supplier / Business Partner.

Norwegian Hull Club requires its suppliers and other Business Partners to operate in accordance with the principles laid down in this Business Partner Code of Conduct Clause and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to those relating to anti-corruption, money laundering and sanctions.

Norwegian Hull Club expects its Business Partners to comply with this clause. Any violations may jeopardise the business relationship with Norwegian Hull Club, up to and including termination. This Code of Conduct Clause applies to Norwegian Hull Club’s suppliers and other Business Partners and their subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors providing services to Norwegian Hull Club.

Business Partners have a duty of confidentiality for all client related information.