Instructions to P&I Correspondents

Dear Correspondent,

The Norwegian Hull Club offers P&I and ancillary covers to Charterers and in this connection you have kindly accepted to act for and assist our Assureds as a correspondent. The List of Correspondents is subject to change without notice and the latest updated List is found on Norwegian Hull Club's home page (

In order to keep the list updated, kindly report any changes in contact details, staff etc immediately to the Club.

Your appointment does not mean that you are considered as Agents for the Club and you can not bind the Club without prior authorization by us.

If contacted directly by our Assureds, it is advisable that you contact Norwegian Hull Club to confirm entry and cover, but it is not a requirement in urgent matters. In such cases, our Assureds should not be advised that you can not assist until you receive instructions from the Club.

Once notified by one of our Assureds, you should advise the Club by e-mail or if in doubt or in need of immediate confirmation, call one of our P&I staff members. Their telephone numbers are listed at the beginning of the List of Correspondents or found on our home page.

You are expected to accept appointment on a first come, first served basis and in case you are already appointed, you must immediately inform the Club and/or our Assureds. If you are appointed by our Assureds, you can not accept appointment from other parties for the same incident without our Assureds' approval.

The Norwegian Hull Club asks you to only use first class surveyors and request that you comply with the following:

Issuing of invoice - The invoices shall be issued to our Assured, C/O Norwegian Hull Club, so please ensure that the name is inserted in the invoice. If the invoice is just issued to Norwegian Hull Club, it can not be settled due to Norwegian VAT regulations.

Breakdown of invoice - In order to evaluate the time spent on each case, we now require that the invoice contains a breakdown of time spent, the hourly rate and various costs/expenses incurred.

Reports and invoice sent by e-mail only - Unless required by us or our Assured, please send the surveyors' report, your comments and invoice by e-mail only. We also require that the surveyor's final report and their invoice are sent to us and you simultaneously by the surveyor in order to ensure prompt handling.

We thank you for accepting our appointment as Club correspondent and look forward to working with you.

Best regards
Norwegian Hull Club