We are digitised!

And we are blogging..

Well over a year ago, Norwegian Hull Club was celebrating 175 years in business. 175 years of history and traditions, but also 175 years of development, adaptation and new trends and technology. We are proud to state that we are a company that combines the best from the past with the best from the present, whilst taking a good look into the future.

Our digital presence has though been rather prudent the latter years, and we therefore feel we are making a leap into the world wide web as we have entered social media, upgraded our website and as we are now also blogging! We are however true to our traditions and bring the best from the past along with us, and we have therefore named our blog after what used to be our printed magazine Network.

Those of you that have followed us over the years will also register that we have brought some of the articles from the past on the road forward, and more will come. Network has returned in digital format, and will contain the best from the past, the present and the future. Along with an archive of previously published texts, there will be blog posts from our operative departments, travelogues, general reflections, descriptions of atmosphere and not least semi-annual posts from our CEO, John Wiik.

We are looking forward to entering into the blogosphere and we hope that you drop by from time to time and that you will find something of interest here.

You will also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Welcome into our Network!

30. Jan. 2014