Thade School Project - education initiative moves from strength to strength

Update on progress made at Club-sponsored school in remote Tibetan village

Knowledge sharing is a key value at Norwegian Hull Club - which is why our continued support of the Thade School Project in Nepal is particularly rewarding.

Our sponsorship of this initiative goes back to 2017 but the project itself, located in the remote village of Thade, started in 2009. It was then that trekking company managers Saran Subba and Christina Sandström visited some of their employees who lived in Thade. The pair discovered that children in the village faced a two-hour walk to school every morning. This sowed the seed for the Thade School Project - to establish quality education in the village itself. In 2015, thanks to contributions from various donors, construction on a new school building was completed and 45 children were enrolled. Over the next three years, this grew to 62 pupils and eight teachers, including children from surrounding villages, with an additional school building being completed in 2019.

Norwegian Hull Club was introduced to the initiative in 2016 by Heide Ek, Chairman, Project Leader and fundraising coordinator at the school. Ever since, The Club has been proud to donate to the school's administrative costs, helping to cover teachers' salaries and unforeseen costs that occasionally arise.

Officially named Grace Academy Thade, this vital institution provides many valuable activities outside the classroom such as interschool quizzes, dances, art workshops, as well as football and track-and-field sports events. It has also promoted environmental awareness by holding regular tree planting sessions, as well as village clean-up campaigns with recycling very much in focus.

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Additionally, the school has hosted dental camps which were not only for the students but for all the local residents from Thade and nearby villages. In January last year, Thade School dental camp treated more than 100 people, over half of them children.

This year will see the opening of a school library, a landmark achievement attained through generous donor support.

As believers in the value of knowledge sharing, the opportunity to support the education of young people - thereby opening up greater opportunities for them - is one Norwegian Hull Club is proud to help with.

You can discover more about the Thade School Project at its website here.



21. Jan. 2020