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How healthy is your crew?

It is hard to tell exactly, until you compare it with somebody else in the same industry. Fact is; it is only when you have a benchmark you can say if your crew is relatively healthy or not. With this in mind, Marine Benefits laid the foundation for a cross industry benchmark study at the end of 2014.

"A healthy economy depends on a healthy population".
From the European Union's 2020 strategy

The question triggered a lot of curiosity in the industry, and every party invited to participate in the pioneering work, accepted the call. The initial project is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila, The Philippines Norwegian Business Counsel, The Norwegian training Center, 10 leading Norwegian Ship Owners / Manning Companies, as well as three major universities in The Philippines.

The approach is rather holistic, and focuses on the wellbeing of the crew from four different aspects: These include the physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, social wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing.
On top of these wellbeing factors, the environment on board the vessels are of importance.

The practical study is built on global best practices from several sources, but is put together through WHOs three step process for better health and wellbeing. All methods are well tried out, and highly recognized. Every question is an independent study in itself with a corresponding scale, but will also be treated as modules in an even bigger and more complex picture. When these results are put together, the Pandora’s Box is open.

A few facts in relation to Health and Wellbeing:

People with a lower H&W Indicator are 3 days more absent in a year
People with a lower H&W Indicator have 6 days lower productivity during 12 months
People with a lower H&W Indicator have a 31% higher probability to obtain work related injuries
Every USD spent on preventive healthcare results in a ROI of USD 5.6 within five years

Health and Wellness will improve the bottom line for every company that focuses on it. This can either be through increased revenue, or decrease in cost.

The objective of the initiative is to create a benchmark tool for the industry to use. Each company will get a picture of its own health and wellbeing status versus the industry.

All numbers are treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.

The European Union looks at health and wellbeing this way in their 2020 strategy:

Health and well-being at work are key foundation stones of the overall Europe 2020 strategy for growth, competitiveness and sustainable development. A healthy economy depends on a healthy population. Without this, employers lose worker productivity and citizens are deprived of potential longevity and quality of life.

Just swop population with crew, and it is our common future on stake.

Sounds interesting?
Do contact us at if you want to try out the tool at a later stage, as you might be surprised.

23. Mar. 2015