Legal Virtue at Norwegian Hull Club

Norwegian Hull Club has a 14 strong in-house Legal team. Whilst historically, all legal services were outsourced to external law firms much, but not all, legal work is now being done in house.

These days the trend is for corporations, regardless of size, to have legal departments and often for the attorneys within them to be highly specialized. In addition to Norwegian lawyers, the Legal team at NHC has English, Scottish, German and South African legal expertise, all highly relevant for the business segment and the international arena in which the Norwegian Hull Club operates. The work of our in-house lawyers varies a great deal, but legal issues relating to our core business of marine insurance law and maritime law take the main focus, in addition to regulatory compliance work, labour law and negotiating contracts. Larger or more complex matters may be farmed out to external law firms to handle under supervision of our in-house lawyers. Most litigation work is also being outsourced and only, to a limited extent, is litigation work being handled by our in-house lawyers.

Complicated legal matters provide special challenges and long handling times is a characteristic. The Club focuses on the proper handling of recourse cases and many of these cases takes years to resolve. Close cooperation between the Club and its Members is a key element and, in recent years, a number of recourse cases have been successfully concluded in the best interest of both. A high standard of legal work, good cooperation with the Member and a great deal of patience are required.

Inspiration was given to NHC and invited guests at a motivational presentation in February 2015. Polar explorer Børge Ousland was invited to speak about his pioneering expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica. We learned from him that, in an expedition, 70% of time is spent on preparation and 30% on execution. To succeed in a complex and extreme environment you need a strong will, motivation that continuously needs to be renewed, vital preparations and, last but not least, to maintain focus even though the prospects may look hopeless. All of this, together with legal skills, is applicable for the handling of complex legal matters which together constitute the Legal Virtue of the Norwegian Hull Club.

The Norwegian Hull Club legal team is available to act in the best interest of the Club and its Members. If you want to learn more about the tasks of the Legal department  and the services that are being provided, please contact


3. Mar. 2015