Expect more from your Underwriter

The added value commercial ship owners and cruise operators have enjoyed for decades from strategic partnerships with specialized marine insurers is being highly appreciated in the world of Super and Mega Yachts.

Accumulated experience through nearly two centuries enables Norwegian Hull Club to meet and even outperform expectations of ship owners world wide. Access to world class Emergency Response teams, Legal Advice, Technical Support, Salvage Specialists and Operational Intelligence has proven vital in times of need.

Norwegian Hull Club has therefore developed the following added value for our Yacht clients as part of our insurance programs:

24/7 Emergency Response

The time of need may be anywhere, anytime, and in an emergency situation it does not matter whether the vessel in distress is a Yacht or a cruise vessel. The Yacht clients shall expect and will receive the same support from our emergency response team as all NHC members and clients. A team made up of marine casualty specialists who are handling emergency situations on a daily basis to save lives, environment and assets are available in your time of need.

 24/7 Operational Intelligence

The development of technology and communication has created a number of advantages in times of need when the Yacht manager should be on top of the information flow. The NHC Operational Intelligence team is able to serve the Yacht manager and Yacht with relevant information during a casualty. By utilizing technology and support from satellites, weather services, aircrafts, ships, social media and salvage options; NHC enables the clients to be on top of the information flow.


Maritime law is a complex trade varying from forum shopping, arrest and casualty investigation to yard contracts and settlement agreements. For a Yacht manager and Captain even a yard contract could be a time of need. A specialized legal department is therefore available to support Yacht clients as part of the contingency team as well as for general advice.

Technical Specialists

Our Technical department has extensive experience from an average of 2000 casualties annually, representing relevant experience varying from small proximate cause analysis to major specifications during tender.

Salvage specialists

Experience in salvage negotiations and situations not only save time and money, but has proven to be a valuable peace of mind in a stressful situation. The experience of NHC in salvage situations is therefore highly treasured and also an important part of the added value through experience transfer during Loss Prevention courses as well as in times of need.

In times of need, early notification, information and a designated team to support the Captain and manager is of vital importance. We all share the same interest in mitigating loss. Norwegian Hull Club is pleased to offer the best Yacht clients the best service.

We encourage our Yacht clients to Expect More in the time of need.

If you have any questions to the Norwegian Hull Club Yacht Venture, please do not hesitate to contact us .


22. Apr. 2015