From Loss Prevention to Client Services

For more than a decade, Norwegian Hull Club has been developing its Loss Prevention Programme. This is a business segment that started as a modest enough service provided to a few dedicated clients, but quickly became a major hit among shipowners and managers.

In the years that followed, our small staff had their hands full and their schedules fully booked, working full time with the development and implementation of the programme. This process shaped the service standard expected of the club, and Loss Prevention became one of the pillars upon which we branded our reputation.

In order to further enhance our services, we decided to create a larger team, with the joint aims of offering our clients a broader service and easing accessibility to the wider range of service products offered by the club. Since the beginning of 2009, Norwegian Hull Club’s Loss Prevention Programme has become part of the new Client Services concept embedding a decade of positive experience into the new frontrunner of Norwegian Hull Club services. Client Services is a customised concept designed to meet our clients’ needs, with the competency of the club accessible through a wide range of service products, both at an organisational and individual level.

In a market that is constantly changing, the present product range includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Crisis Management

This is a classic product that can be customised to suit large or smaller-scale customer groups. The core of the programme concerns training of officers in performing a handful of actions correctly in the event of an incident, as opposed to enacting an escalated number of actions incorrectly. Here, the human and practical approach forms the basis of our philosophical perspective.

Ship Resource Management

This programme is customised to suit the needs of all shipowners. Since this is a broad subject area, Norwegian Hull Club has chosen to concentrate on communication and leadership issues as well as the all-important category of human interaction. The programme is organised for both sea-going and shore-based management. As in Crisis Management, we focus on a human and practical approach to the topics.

Superintendent Course

This course is tailor-made to meet the needs of those who wish to improve their knowledge and the handling of marine insurance claims under client insurance policies. The course covers both operational intelligence and the owner’s Statement of Claim.

It consists of various presentations adjusted to suit the individual needs of the client, which contain core competencies possessed by the club:

  • General salvage
  • Vessel security, including piracy issues and iSPS code elements
  • Maritime Arctic competence, including ice and weather conditions in Arctic areas
  • OPA90, marine fire-fighting and salvage
  • Media handling
  • Next of kin-related issues
  • Yacht and superyacht issues
  • Various legal and legislative issues

Independent and Standalone Products 

  • Captain club tutorials
  • Casualty newsletters


In addition to the courses and products mentioned above, we are also working on one-to-one projects with many of our clients who face specific needs and with which we have broad experience and expertise. These projects help to boost knowledge and enhance end results for both parties, doing so in such a way that our clients encourage us to find and develop new products. Norwegian Hull Club Client Services is a concept to be explored and taken advantage of for the benefit of all our clients.

As with our popular Loss Prevention Programme, these services are also made available at a location of the client’s choosing. The constant dialogue between all parties in our marine insurance cluster and the direct relations with clients and brokers, are essential factors in our endeavour to serve clients as effectively and constructively as possible. We believe that our new Client Services concept will further strengthen our common goal of reducing incidents and cutting losses that ultimately will be beneficial to us all.

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1. Jul. 2009