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The Visionary Man

"If you want to see a city of the past, go to Paris. If you want to see a city of the present, go to New York. But if you want to see a city of the future, go to Shanghai. Because this is the future." The statement comes from the lips of one of the “Top 100 Global Thinkers 2011”, professor Kishore Mahbubani. Network has met the visionary professor in Singapore.

In twenty years I think it will be very clear that the Asian century will be well underway.
– Kishore Mahbubani

An Oblique View of a Day in the Life of a Busy Underwriter

It isn’t raining outside, but it is nonetheless wet – the air is full of drizzle and brooding, low-hanging clouds cover the sky. The 500-metre high mountains that surround the city (not exactly the Himalayas, although the local inhabitants could probably come up with a pretty good reason for comparing them) are no longer visible. They would normally dominate the busy centre of town, but not on an overcast day such as today.

But work is work, and it is so enjoyable just at that moment when the deal is done and the customer is satisfied. By the time she makes it home it is almost one o’clock.