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Credit: Alexander Sherbakov/AP/NTB Scanpix

Social media in emergency situations

What do we share and where do we look for information?

Social media has without doubt changed the way we act and communicate. The last decade has brought us multiple ways of sharing information, thoughts and experiences in words, pictures and films. The popular saying "Pics or it didn't happen" encourage us to document every story, but are there still things that we do not share?

"I am dying"
Olesya Zhukovskaya (@OlesyaZhukovska) on Twitter, February 20th, 2014

A Turning Point

At 18:50 on Friday 26 November 1999, the fast catamaran MS Sleipner was on its way from Haugesund to Bergen, Norway. Stormy conditions, driving rain and 2–3 metre waves made things difficult for the captain on the open seas. At around 19:08 the vessel collided with the rock Store Bloksen and the captain sent out a distress call. Sleipner had run aground with 85 people on board, and sank quickly. The terrible accident is today seen as a turning point in the history of claims handling at Norwegian Hull Club.

I think it was something of an eye-opener and a sneak peak at how such incidents would be dealt with in the future. – Åge Solberg