Thade School Project

The Thade School Project is a non-profit, religious and politically independent project based in Thade, Nepal. The Project offers all children in the district equal opportunities of primary education and is run by two sister organizations based in Sweden and Nepal.

Thade is a small area in the province of Okhaldunga and the school is located in the mountains connected to Kathmandu. Due to discrimination and social exclusion in Nepal, it has been difficult for children suffering from poverty to acquire an education. In addition to this, the closest primary school outside of Thade is located more than two hours away, making it difficult for children in the Thade district to attend school.

The School

57 children were enrolled at the school by the end of 2016. The school teaches first and second grade, and expects to be able to expand to sixth grade within the following years. In addition to tuition and school supplies, the project also provides daily nutrient meals to all students. This is a strong incentive for families suffering from poverty to enrol their children at the school.

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