Norwegian Church Aid

Norwegian Church Aid is an ecumenical, diaconal and humanitarian organisation that works for global justice. In their pursuit of a just world, one of their main missions is to provide emergency aid to people who are suffering and are in need of relief assistance. 

The organisation works to improve people’s livelihood and ensure their basic human rights by supporting local communities to achieve development over time. Norwegian Church Aid promotes democracy and human rights by influencing decision-making processes.

Ethiopia - Clean Water Project

Norwegian Church Aid's priorities in Ethiopia are economic development, water and health in addition to peace and security. Even though Ethiopia has prospects to become one of Africa's major economic and political actors in the years to come, close to 40 percent of its population lives in poverty.

One of the major challenges in Ethiopia is to ensure thath communities have access to clean drinking water. In Ethiopia, 80 percent of all illness is related to diseases caused by polluted water or diseases related to water. Official reports suggest that more than 50 percent of Ethiopia's population does not have access to safe water.


Even though Somalia is the only country in Africa where the population shares a common language, religion and culture, the country is characterised by conflict. Somalia has been without a functioning government since 1991 and the situation in the country has worsened by recurrent humanitarian crises related to drought and floods. The Norwegian Church's work in Somalia focuses on the right to water and health, as well as the right to peace and security.

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