The Committee

The Committee shall consist of 12 to 30 members with up to half their number of deputies. The General Meeting shall annually stipulate how many of each.

The members shall be elected from among the Club’s members. The Committee shall be composed such that the members’ interests are duly represented.

The Chairman or the Deputy Chairman of the Committee may call Committee meetings with at least 14 days' written notice. Meetings are convened as often as the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Committee deems necessary, but at least twice a year. A meeting shall be called when demanded by members who together represent at least one-sixth of the members of the Committee or by the Board of Directors.

The Committee forms a quorum when more than four tenths of its members are present. The Committee can nevertheless not adopt resolutions unless all members have as far as possible been given the opportunity to participate in the proceedings. If a member is to be absent then their deputy shall be given the opportunity to participate.

A resolution of the Committee requires a majority of the votes of the members present. A decision is valid only when those in favour of the resolution make up more than one-third of all members. In the event of a tie the Chairman, or in his absence the Deputy Chairman, has the casting vote.